You are that someone

It was hot summer with heat wave like dry air around us. It was June 2012 around 5pm in the evening. I was on my way to  office (of course USA outsourced project !!!!) . i was about to reach my office in 10 minutes, if our cab maintained same speed. There came the unmanned junction,usually there is no traffic jam. But, that day that unusual thing happened. vehicles from all the directions jammed the junction. and no one is willing to reconsider their move. No one dared that heat to manage the traffic. May be every one is thinking  that someone will take that task of managing things.

But, everyone failed to become that someone. of course, it is the common crowd mentality. Then I thought of becoming that someone. I opened the door and got down to manage the traffic. and started waving hands towards solving the puzzle of traffic jam. to my surprise three to four people joined me. I think they need a leader to lead them 😛 (may be shy to take initiative) It is the general tendency in the crowed scenario that, people expect some to do the task and fail to recognize, that someone in them. It happens with everyone. But, the leader is one who recognizes that someone in them.

So, don’t be in dilemma to initiate the good things, recognize and awaken the leader buried in you and become a role model for others.

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Being Human really???

It was a crowded metro train in Delhi. It is the best platform to observe the people and their behavior, through their body language, actions and their conversations. As i entered in to the metro i couldn’t make a move with my backpack hanging on my shoulders. So, i transferred to my hand and then moved to one corner of train. Rajendra place station as the next one. As the train stopped few students entered metro with their  backpacks humping at their back. They seemed detached with outside world, making fun of one another, mocking, shaking their bodies, as if they entered in to the empty metro.

Then few around them raised the concern. The reply from those (includes Girl students as well) students was highly unexpected, rude and inhuman and mind less reply. they said “it is my bag my body, i will keep it wherever i want… who the hell are you to teach me?”. I as shocked  by listening to this reply. But, by having such experiences in Delhi, i was fully convinced that, this is the way may behave with others. The fault is not with the students, but the society and parents, who  failed to teach them these basic manners and emotional intelligence and moral values and ethics…..

This the way some of our younger generation is moving ahead. if this is the emotional clarity they have, how can one respect the fellow human being???

Just by wearing “Being Human” T-shirts, one will not become human, they have to show it by their actions.



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Opinion on The Hindu Editorial “Growing crackdown on activists”

Opinion on The Hindu Editorial  “Growing crackdown on activists”                                            

                                          Whatever be the government be it a UPA government or NDA government, there is no difference in treatment towards the social activists.Recent incident in Rajasthan where a mob, allegedly led by BJP legislator Kanwar Lal Meena, attacked the members of organisations such as the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghathan (MKSS) at Aklera in Jhalawar district, in a sign that sections of the ruling party in the State were unhappy with civil society activists entering a region falling under a Lok Sabha constituency represented by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje in the past and by her son Dushyant Singh now, and demanding answers from the authorities. UPA’s Kudankulam and NDA’s Greenpeace handling shows that it is not the place for activists, be it’s an NGO or individual activists. Considerably large number of cases filed against the activists and large number of RTI’s are getting rejected. This can be dealt effectively, by people with socio, economic, and political empowerment. Lokpal type agitation may be needed to address the issues of this nature. United efforts by NGO’s and Civil Societies is need of the hour, to enable the common man.
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Lettres to The Hindu Editor: Dalit Research Scholars Suicide

Lettres to the Editor: Dalit Research Scholars Suicide

It is too sad that politics over cast took the precious life of a student. It is the result of politicisation of the Universities and colleges for the wrong purposes/reasons. It is not wrong to follow and affiliate to particular main stream political party. But, students should be matured enough to limit its effects. If one sees the JNU and DU in Delhi, their politics shows the more matured cause. Educational qualifications are increasing like M.A, P.Hd etc., but the maturity levels matching to those qualifications is lacking in the present generation.There is also fault on the side of parents and lecturers, due to their indifference towards their children, students are moving towards such unnecessary affairs, by side-lining their studies.I hope at least from now on students will learn a lesson to avoid such hatred politics in the campus premises. Universities should bring strict rules in the campus to avoid such hatred and cheap politics.



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Opinion on The Hindu Editorial “Incremental steps not enough” Defence related

Opinion on Editorial “Incremental steps not enough”

It is welcoming step that the Defence Acquisition Council has approved a revised Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP), aimed at boosting indigenous defence procurementt and encouraging better participation from the Indian private sector. It is a step towards “Make in India”.Even for the developed countries, it is highly impossible to make sudden turn around in any existing policy. That to important matters like National defence. We need to consider all the aspects of the issue. It is easy to criticise any policy, but hard to suggest realistic alternatives. It is better that Defence procurement is moving slowly towards indigenisation.


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This opinion is on The Hindu news published on 12th Jan 2016 “Supreme Court wants separate law to deal with child rape”

This opinion is on news published on 12th Jan 2016  “Supreme Court wants separate law to deal with child rape”

In my opinion, there is nothing short in laws regarding rape cases, after Justice Varma Committee recommendations, law has been made more stringent. However, it couldn’t stop or reduce the crime rate. It gives the impression that stringent laws are necessary condition, but not sufficient. It seems that some link is missing. According to me it is the attitude of the people towards women and girl child.Government should take steps to change the attitude of the people. This can be done by introducing gender sensitive education in academic curriculum.Also by introducing the Ethics as compulsory subject in every course, increase awareness about punishment among the people for committing such crimes.Also make women aware of their rights.These alone will have the potential to reduce rape incidents along with the Laws.

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