Lettres to The Hindu Editor: Dalit Research Scholars Suicide

Lettres to the Editor: Dalit Research Scholars Suicide

It is too sad that politics over cast took the precious life of a student. It is the result of politicisation of the Universities and colleges for the wrong purposes/reasons. It is not wrong to follow and affiliate to particular main stream political party. But, students should be matured enough to limit its effects. If one sees the JNU and DU in Delhi, their politics shows the more matured cause. Educational qualifications are increasing like M.A, P.Hd etc., but the maturity levels matching to those qualifications is lacking in the present generation.There is also fault on the side of parents and lecturers, due to their indifference towards their children, students are moving towards such unnecessary affairs, by side-lining their studies.I hope at least from now on students will learn a lesson to avoid such hatred politics in the campus premises. Universities should bring strict rules in the campus to avoid such hatred and cheap politics.




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