Being Human really???

It was a crowded metro train in Delhi. It is the best platform to observe the people and their behavior, through their body language, actions and their conversations. As i entered in to the metro i couldn’t make a move with my backpack hanging on my shoulders. So, i transferred to my hand and then moved to one corner of train. Rajendra place station as the next one. As the train stopped few students entered metro with their  backpacks humping at their back. They seemed detached with outside world, making fun of one another, mocking, shaking their bodies, as if they entered in to the empty metro.

Then few around them raised the concern. The reply from those (includes Girl students as well) students was highly unexpected, rude and inhuman and mind less reply. they said “it is my bag my body, i will keep it wherever i want… who the hell are you to teach me?”. I as shocked  by listening to this reply. But, by having such experiences in Delhi, i was fully convinced that, this is the way may behave with others. The fault is not with the students, but the society and parents, who  failed to teach them these basic manners and emotional intelligence and moral values and ethics…..

This the way some of our younger generation is moving ahead. if this is the emotional clarity they have, how can one respect the fellow human being???

Just by wearing “Being Human” T-shirts, one will not become human, they have to show it by their actions.




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