You are that someone

It was hot summer with heat wave like dry air around us. It was June 2012 around 5pm in the evening. I was on my way to  office (of course USA outsourced project !!!!) . i was about to reach my office in 10 minutes, if our cab maintained same speed. There came the unmanned junction,usually there is no traffic jam. But, that day that unusual thing happened. vehicles from all the directions jammed the junction. and no one is willing to reconsider their move. No one dared that heat to manage the traffic. May be every one is thinking  that someone will take that task of managing things.

But, everyone failed to become that someone. of course, it is the common crowd mentality. Then I thought of becoming that someone. I opened the door and got down to manage the traffic. and started waving hands towards solving the puzzle of traffic jam. to my surprise three to four people joined me. I think they need a leader to lead them 😛 (may be shy to take initiative) It is the general tendency in the crowed scenario that, people expect some to do the task and fail to recognize, that someone in them. It happens with everyone. But, the leader is one who recognizes that someone in them.

So, don’t be in dilemma to initiate the good things, recognize and awaken the leader buried in you and become a role model for others.


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