Seat is reserved!!!!

I was travelling by Delhi metro, it was packed tight and senior citizens and women are facing lot of problems due to this. I was standing beside the seat reserved for the senior citizens or people who are in need for seat. all the reserved seats are filled with either women or senior citizens. metro reached to kirti nagar station. the metro further got flood of passengers. as the train was moving i observed the young man standing beside me. He was suffering from heavy fever, which i could sense from the heat coming out from his body and heavy breathing and uneasiness in standing. i sensed that he was hesitant to ask for the seat. i sensed it as he was looking at the senior citizens sitting there as his body is seemingly pushing him to ask for the seat and his mind is pulling him back. upon sensing this i took the charge and requested seat for the poor guy, by explaining his situation. kind old man occupying seat, willingly offered his seat to him. not only just offering the seat to the guy, he also resisted the people who were not aware of the sick guys sitation demanded the reserved seat. I thanked my self for doing the great job. of course, I thanked that kind old man for his kindness.


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