This is how mediocres think and stay where they are!!!!!

I am on my way to Karolbagh, as usual it was packed blue metro line in Delhi. I came across two people talking about their work. One of them seemingly paints the houses of the people. He and his uncle took the contract for a three story building. they started painting from top and they finished top two floors in three days. meanwhile he said, his uncle employed four bihari’s who  came newly to Delhi through some known person of his uncle.

so, they thought of giving the ork of painting remaining one floor, since they got some other contract. Those for people painted the last floor in one day. Next day owner of the house called this person and showed the difference in the quality of the work done in last floor and the earlier painted floors ( at this point i was guessing that those new biharis might have not painted with the quality, since they are inexperienced. but, to my surprise it is other thing around). the floors painted by the duo earlier lacked the quality than the so called biharis, so they had to paint again those two floors to match the ality of the last floor painted by biharis. later he said, he removed those for biharis from work(for their quality work!!!)

As per this guy, perfect work is not necessary in the Delhi, it ill make them bikaris. I was shocked by this statement. may be there is some truth in it. but, in a long run they are cut shorting their prosperity. business empires are build based on the good faith and qality of the work and dedication to the work they do. He missed the future business not only from the present customer, but also from the people known to that customer.

His act not only spoiled the future prospects of the self, but also sent the wrong signals about the delhites, and also poisoned the quality work. four biharis out of fear for loosing their job again may never produce the quality work again???!!!


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