Appetite for branded apparel… then it’s my opinion

I commonly observed that those who have appetite for branded apparel, gadgets and other branded wear are generally arrogant, selfish and less likely to use their brains!!!! of course it can be my stereotype to generalize, but it is true in most of the cases. If you doubt it, then check out your surroundings!!! .

In one of my observations, where this person’s attire was full of brands which are internationally popular ones. His shoe, watch, goggles,backpack every piece on his body (branded)! is branded ones. Looks like he is from well to do family. But, his attitude is unsociable. he seems lacked social intelligence I call it as SI ( similar to IQ,EQ. probably my innovation !!!) The way he stands and the way he sits, shows no compromise on his part, irrespective of discomfort to others. his motive is to be comfortable in his position, what so ever the  way it concerns to others. in there view, they are sociable. but, the problem is that, parenting on him doesn’t suits in the common social settings. they lack the empathy and compassion and other social traits and virtues. since, they never needed to show them before. it is not that they can’t learn about it. if they want they can. Nature has given every human being the ability to learn and excel in life. there are many such clowns in Old Rajendranagar in Delhi, aspiring for civil services. The coaching centers are best study grounds to prove this point empirically. My intention is not to hurt anyone. but my curiosity to dwell in to social realities!!!!! of course there are always exceptions in Gods creation.








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