Opinion on The Hindu Editorial “Incremental steps not enough” Defence related

Opinion on Editorial “Incremental steps not enough”

It is welcoming step that the Defence Acquisition Council has approved a revised Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP), aimed at boosting indigenous defence procurementt and encouraging better participation from the Indian private sector. It is a step towards “Make in India”.Even for the developed countries, it is highly impossible to make sudden turn around in any existing policy. That to important matters like National defence. We need to consider all the aspects of the issue. It is easy to criticise any policy, but hard to suggest realistic alternatives. It is better that Defence procurement is moving slowly towards indigenisation.


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This opinion is on The Hindu news published on 12th Jan 2016 “Supreme Court wants separate law to deal with child rape”

This opinion is on news published on 12th Jan 2016  “Supreme Court wants separate law to deal with child rape”

In my opinion, there is nothing short in laws regarding rape cases, after Justice Varma Committee recommendations, law has been made more stringent. However, it couldn’t stop or reduce the crime rate. It gives the impression that stringent laws are necessary condition, but not sufficient. It seems that some link is missing. According to me it is the attitude of the people towards women and girl child.Government should take steps to change the attitude of the people. This can be done by introducing gender sensitive education in academic curriculum.Also by introducing the Ethics as compulsory subject in every course, increase awareness about punishment among the people for committing such crimes.Also make women aware of their rights.These alone will have the potential to reduce rape incidents along with the Laws.

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